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Think of all the things you do not use any more – the teddy bear at the bottom of the toy box,

the shirt that no longer fits and the pots and pans that have been replaced by the shiny new ones.

This Christmas why not fill a box with Second Chances?

Step 1: Visit our Kloof and Highway SPCA Reception or one of our Thrift Shops and pick up your empty Advent Calendar Box at a cost of R20

Step 2: For the days leading up to Christmas place that unwanted item into the box and tick off the days ✔️

Step 3: Return your full box to the Kloof and Highway SPCA and know that this Christmas YOU have made a DIFFERENCE to the lives of animals in our care.

Christmas is a time of giving , giving to a cause that can help the many abandoned and stray animals that get left and forgotten about.

We are here for the animals and you can be too by collecting your box and making your unwanted goods count.

For more information please contact Liz or Brigitte on 031 764 1212 or email


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