Professionalism, positivity and protection of animal welfare are the cornerstones of our clinic at the Kloof and Highway. Our clinic is a primary health care clinic and provides services that include: sterilisation, vaccination and treatment of medical and surgical cases. The clinic can only be used by the underprivileged i.e.: pensioners, grantees, people that are unemployed and people that earn low salaries. The clinic is non-profit generating and is in place to serve the community the best we can. Every animal that enters the Kloof and Highway SPCA passes through the clinic first before entering our kennels or cattery. A physical examination is routine in order to identify those animals that require treatment. All animals are checked for all forms of identification including collars, discs, tattoos and microchips.

All dogs that do not have identification are vaccinated against all the major viral causes of diseases in dogs and dewormed and then placed in the kennels. This simple protocol has resulted in a massive reduction of disease in the kennels and provides the dogs with a safe environment to be in. Kittens less than six months of age are all give preventative measures to be able to control and prevent the infectious causes of diarrhoea in kittens. We hope that the efforts of the Kloof and Highway SPCA will lead to a reduction in the amount of cruelty cases seen. We encounter terrible acts of cruelty that humans inflict on animals.

Even though we see this every day we still believe in humanity. We believe that with education and with provision of basic animal health care to the rural communities the amount of cruelty seen will diminish. We are trying to instil into people a new culture, one where a dog or cat is not just an animal but a member of the family to which they need to give dignity and respect to. Basic needs like provision of quality pet food, clean water and shelter needs to be emphasised. Sterilisation helps control the population and in so doing controls the spread of diseases like rabies. Vaccinations are critical in the control of dangerous disease that could otherwise be fatal.

We are proud to say that we have a dedicated team of skilled individuals that work tirelessly to help sick and injured animals every day. Working in the clinic can be stressful, overwhelming and sometimes dangerous but at the end of each day we all go home with smiles on our faces knowing that all our hard work helped our four legged friends in some way. The silent gratitude shown by the animals with a lick of a hand or a wag of a tail is what makes our job in the clinic so rewarding. The costs to run our clinic include vet and nurse salaries, drugs, consumables and expensive veterinary equipment such as oster clippers, vet scales, microscopes, centrifuges, spay sets etc…

“The clinic at the Kloof and Highway SPCA provides basic animal welfare treatment to any person who qualifies as an alimony client. The clinic only provides basic services which include sterilisation, vaccinations and treatment of basic medical cases, we do not have an x ray machine and cannot offer these services. Owning a pet is a responsibility and it is the owners responsibility to ensure that they can provide food, shelter, water and medical treatment for their pets. The SPCA clinic can only be used by members of our community who qualify as alimony clients and the clinic will require a declaration of income and expenditure, as well as 3 months bank statements, a copy of your id, a salary slip or proof of pension or affidavit confirming unemployment in order to open a file. Any animals brought to our clinic for treatment will have to be sterilised to ensure that they are not used for breeding, and our clinic will only allow pet owners to have a maximum of 3 pets when using our clinic facilities. Due to the declining economic climate more people who could previously afford private vet fees now no longer can and in this case we would advise you to talk to your Veterinarian about the treatment your pet requires and in need, your vet can refer your pet to the SPCA clinic for treatment. The Veterinarians in our community support and help the Kloof and Highway SPCA and we work closely with them and cannot treat animals for owners who can afford private veterinary fees. The Kloof and Highway SPCA clinic is part of our non profit organisation and the costs of any treatment are subsidised thanks to the generosity of our community to enable basic treatments to be affordable and offered to help alimony clients and the staff of the Kloof and Highway SPCA have an obligation to our community to ensure that their generous donations are not misused.

Our clinic can be contacted on 031 764 1212/3 to discuss costs of treatments and is open for consultations by appointment only from 9am to10:30am and 2pm to 3pm Monday to Friday, and on a Saturday from 9am to 11am for emergencies only. Our clinic is also open for routine vaccinations by appointment only from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

In the case of an emergency the Kloof & Highway SPCA will never deny veterinary treatment to an injured, stray or owned, animal if an owner, within our community, is unable to afford private Veterinary care, and this will include sterilisations done, due to health reasons.”


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