adult Cattery


Our adult cattery is finally receiving its much needed upgrade and exciting times lie ahead as it starts taking shape. Fortunately, we have been able to use the upgraded Kitten area to house our adult cats while the building has been in progress, as kitten season is not underway yet.

All the wire divisions in the cattery have been replaced by new white aluminium and glass divisions in between each enclosure. This is going to keep the spreading of disease down to a minimum as well as keep our cats much warmer, as the wind will not blow through the cattery. The height and the space each enclosure is going to experience will be a huge improvement on the old enclosures.


We have laid sisalation in the new roofing which, like our puppy building, allows the enclosures to be cooler on a hot humid day and warmer on a cold miserable day.

We have been fortunate enough to have all the wooden scratch posts, sleeping boxes and couches sponsored by donors, and each enclosure also has its very own sponsored heating lamp to ensure our cats are cosy and warm during the colder winter months.

There is great anticipation for our adult cats to move into their new comfy enclosures that they so deserve whilst in our care. The upgrade is to be complete by the end of November, beginning of December this year. Thank-you to every single person who has made this much needed upgrade of our cattery possible through your support.

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