Responsibilities to our pets

Our Inspectorate has been shocked by the bad judgement and lack of care by animal owners who come in to have their animals “put to sleep” after failing to render veterinary treatment for weeks, and waiting until the animal is at deaths door before deciding to do something.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA give a stern warning to animal owners that it is unacceptable to leave animals to suffer and that there is always help available whether you have money or not.

Anyone found to commit this offence by failing to seek veterinary assistance will be charged in terms of the Animals Protection Act.

Currently our Inspectorate have a number of cases pending which are all at various stages of prosecution for various cases dealing with sections (a), (b), (c), (e), (q) and (r) of the Animals Protection Act (see extractions attached)…including two different cases about dogs being shot, a dog beaten to death and two cases of dogs starved to death and denied veterinary treatment.

REPORT CRUELTY - You are our 'eyes and ears

Please contact us if you know of any animal that is being neglected or treated badly. By reporting cruelty, you help to free them from suffering.

We will act - but we can only do so if we know about it. We depend on people like you to be our ‘eyes and ears’ in your community.

You can remain anonymous when you call – you don’t have to give your name if you’re afraid – but even if you do, the SPCA will NOT let anyone know who you are.

Contact our Inspectorate Office Hours on 031-7641212/3 or for afterhours emergencies call 073 3359 322.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA responds to cruelty complaints within the greater Highway area, Westville boundary to Cato Ridge and surrounding rural areas. To report animal abuse or neglect outside of this area please visit to find details of your nearest SPCA.

Responsibilities of dog owners

Sharing your life with a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Your companion will give you love and undying loyalty, make you laugh and keep you fit. The bond between an owner and a dog can be stronger than any human to human bond. Also, for many people their dog is simply another family member whose needs are equal to its human members.

The pleasure of dog ownership, however, also brings responsibilities. When you purchase or adopt a dog you have a ‘duty of care’ under the Animals Protection Act. Failing to adhere to these provisions is a crime.

What is cruelty?

•Chaining up dogs

•Not giving animals water to drink, proper food to eat, or proper shelter from the weather

•Leaving an animal to suffer if it’s sick, hurt or has a disease like mange

•Dog fighting

•Cock fighting

•Shooting pellets at animals and birds

•Abandoning pets, horses or farm animals for a long time without someone to care for them

•Poor transportation of farm animals

•Lack of adequate care, proper shelter and stabling of horses

•Hitting or kicking an animal

•Overloading carthorses or donkeys

•Keeping animals in dirty conditions

If any of these things happen in your area, please report it to the SPCA. Remember to give us the house number and street name when you phone. We will help!

What are the laws relating to animals?

The welfare of animals is protected by law, under the Animals Protection Act.

This legislation, as well as the Performing Animals Protection Act, is most often referred to by the SPCA.

Convicted under the Animals Protection Act, offenders must live with a criminal record – and can face a large fine and even a few years imprisonment.

The sentence is one year imprisonment for cruelty, two years imprisonment for animal fights with or without the option of a fine determined by the courts, which depends on the level of the court.

A District Court has the authority of up to R20 000 but a Regional Court has the authority of up to R300 000. The magistrate can also impose a ban on pet ownership and order the offender to complete community service.

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