outreachpic1a0302“The Outreach Sterilisation Clinics started a few years ago as a Lotto sponsored project specifically to help pet owners living in rural areas and to sterilise and treat vulnerable animals in the poverty stricken rural areas within our community and to educate that community about responsible pet ownership.

The animals that come to the Outreach Clinics have had very little or no access to any primary animal health care what-so-ever andthere is a great need in these areas due to overbreeding and interbreeding.

The Kloof & Highway SPCA fundraise and appeal for donations specifically for our sterilisation campaigns in rural and previously disadvantaged areas where continuous breeding causes over population of animals, which can lead to animal cruelty and detrimental animal and human health issues.”

Outreach CLINICS

This last year has been an exciting year for Outreach, with one day Outreach Clinics and three day Outreach Clinics, both being held throughout the year.

So far we have held five one-day Outreach Clinics and three three-day Outreach Clinics and have been able to sterilise a total of 732 animals to date (November 2014). We have also been able to treat and help countless more animals.

Outreach FOCUS

We have focused our Outreach efforts this year on the following areas; KwaNgcolosi, Molweni, Embo, Kwanyuswa, Inchanga, Shongweni, Savannah Park, Wyebank, Sarnia, Mariannridge and Mariannhill. These areas have been highlighted as being in critical need of basic animal healthcare

The idea to start incorporating a “mini” one day Outreach Clinic came about as a plan to help manage with the increase in the amount of animals that are in desperate need of sterilisation and treatment from the indigent areas.

Outreach AIM

The aim of these Outreach clinics is to reach out to the most vulnerable animals in poverty stricken areas, provide primary animal health care and to educate the community about how to look after their animals. By promoting good health care and welfare to animals within our communities we also help the people, as healthy animals’ means healthy people.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA Outreach Clinics have started in 2010. It started on a much smaller scale and has grown dramatically since the first clinic. The first clinic saw a total of 30 animals being treated and sterilised. Today we are able to sterilise up to 85 animals a day, and thus able to reach out to many more animals in the poverty stricken areas.

reaching OUT


This year our Outreach Clinics have had different focus. There is more focus on collecting unwanted animals from communities and sparing them from a life time of suffering and abuse, as they are eventually seen as a “nuisance” to the people.


We go from house to house inspecting the living conditions of each and every animal we see. We issue tickets that invite owners to bring their animals to the Outreach Clinic to be sterilised, treated, vaccinated and dewormed.

Checking the homes from where animals come from helps us to know what type of home these animals are returning to and what positive changes we can make, working together with the owners to implement and impact an animal’s life for a much longer time thereafter.Most importantly we are able to create awareness about the Kloof and Highway SPCA’s zero tolerance of animal cruelty.

Outreach Blanket Appeal0302

Educating the community about the SPCA and what the SPCA does is so important so that in the future they know who to call on if they have a problem or an emergency with their animals.

An Outreach Clinic allows us to create a positive experience, which we then hope will stay with the community members and they will remember us and what it is we do and how we can help them in the future.

Sterilisation and effective population control of animals is one of our focus areas in preventing cruelty and suffering. There are thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens suffering from hunger, diseases, parasite infestations, and are often left to die a horrible death.


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