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If you want to part of the Kloof & Highway SPCA’s mission to speak, protect and care for animals consider joining up as a volunteer.

We don’t just need people to work directly with animals (i.e. in our kennels, cattery, clinic and farm unit) and have lots of opportunities for volunteers to make a real contribution to our work.

We’re not just interested in people who have experience working with animals (although they are always welcome) – above all we need willing, enthusiastic, committed, responsible and friendly volunteers who are prepared to give us some of their valuable time to help us make a difference for animals.


The Kloof and Highway SPCA is not a sad, depressing place, full of unhappy animals.  We have a team of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly, throughout the year enriching the lives of the animals in our care.

We also have a fabulous team of fundraisers who are always looking for volunteers to help them prepare for and attend various events, functions and exhibitions.  

However, before applying to register as an SPCA volunteer, ask yourself these few questions, which will help determine which area of our work is best suited to you:

•    Do I have a broad interest in nature and animals?
•    Am I squeamish about handling animals and/or afraid of being bitten?
•    Am I willing to get my hands and clothes dirty (in other words cleaning up after animals)?
•    Will I be able to cope with the physical and psychological demands of working with lots of animals, many of which need a good home?
•    Can I commit to regular shifts either during the week or over weekends?
•    Can I accept that some animals may need to be euthanized?
•    Do I have a particular skill or area of expertise that I can share with the SPCA’s team (i.e. photographers, designers, vet student/nurse, etc).
•    Do I love second-hand goods and see value and turning someone’s unwanted goods into cash for the SPCA?
•    Am I an outgoing, friendly person who loves interacting with people and wants to help use these talents to support the Kloof & Highway SPCA fundraising team?

Once you’ve answered these and if you are confident you can make a contribution then are you ready to move onto the next stage and complete a volunteer application form which can be obtained from our reception, through email marketing@kloofspca.co.za or download here.

Other important factors you need to be aware of:

•    Minimum age - Volunteers must be 16 years or older

•    Health and safety - Although injuries are rare, because of the slight risk a tetanus inoculation is a pre-requisite for volunteers working with animals. This must be done at least 10 days prior to you volunteering.

•    No pay- Volunteers at our SPCA offer their time for free.   

•    Exhausting work- Volunteers spend 85% of the time on their feet, with just a few breaks, so you need to be fit and able to work with animals.  If you are not and still want to help there are other jobs, such as counting coins or sorting through second-hand items.

•    Code of Conduct-  Here we explain in detail what we expect from volunteers. Although you are giving up your time it is vitally important that you adhere to the Kloof & Highway SPCA’s Code of Conduct.

•    Various areas where you can assist:

-     Adoption Centre or Kennels - socializing and exercising dogs / cats

-    Assist with Fundraising events such as the Wiggle Waggle, Hill 2 Hill Cycle Race, Golf Day, Open Days, Shopping Centre Promotions etc…

-    Maintenance – Gardening or general cleaning of the grounds.

-    Animal Clinic - assisting our vets and animal welfare assistants care for sick animals. A background in veterinary nursing or veterinary science is a definite pre-requisite though.         

-    Charity Shops – We have 11 charity shops that need help in sorting, cleaning, labeling and selling.

-    Nursery – If you have a good knowledge of plants we need volunteers to assist with sales to visiting clients

-    Tea Garden – Our Tea Garden is open every Mon-Fri from 8am-3pm, Saturday from 8am-2pm, every last Sunday of the month 8:30am-12:30pm and selected public holidays from 8am-2pm. It is the focal point attraction of our Village Green and volunteers are needed to assist in baking various items.

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